Drug camp is a new dynamic persistent multiplayer game under development by indie developer Rocten. Make sure you check out drugcamp.com too!

The game plays something like a flexible perpetual tower defense game, were you must protect and manage your illegal farm in intense multiplayer top down 2D action.

The game's not available yet but stay tuned! This is our official development blog!

Jul 5 '12

drugcamp is farmfortress

drugcamp was renamed to farmfortress a couple of months ago.

Check it out farmfortress.com

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Feb 13 '12

0.60a closed out!

So, it seems 0.60a contains less bugs than the previous version which makes it an official release!
But beware, this release contains lots of reworked things on the server side, so really strange stuff can potentially happen.. Or it might just work better than anything we’ve put out there. We’ll see, but please tell us!
  • Really good progress on buying lives and upgrading to a larger level for real money (it’s just not enabled/visible yet..)
  • Chat was disabled after entering a camp via allies screen (use enter to chat)
  • Fixed a dangerous bug in the login that could cause interesting random disobedience.
  • Added particle effects when plants are fully grown or close to fully grown.
  • Added information about the current total amount of money held in the current harvest.
  • Wrong and hard to see color of low lives/ammo count fixed.
  • A player without any weapon now animates correctly.
  • A lot of refactoring in server side to improve stability and fix issues with higher player activity.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a glitched list of camps to appear at wrong places in game.
  • Fixed a problem with server selector when a server in the list is down.
  • Fixed an overflow in camp ranking comparison, making it impossible to attack a high ranked camp.
Have fun!

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Feb 3 '12

Update 0.56a is out!

A new closed alpha build has been deployed. It will probably need all kinds of adjustments, but it’s fun!
  • Very loud music volume has been reduced. Finally!
  • New homing missile rocket sentries, dangerous AND fun
  • New plasma sentries (slow but high damage and high range)
  • Fixed old bug regarding all robots, shooting at a stationary robot sometimes had no effect
  • More adjustments to prices! Laser is now very expensive, plasma more affordable
  • Fixed a focus detection bug that could make the game go darker and darker
  • Better connection error reporting and game version check for server/client
As usual, let us know where the bugs are!

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Jan 29 '12

New update

Yay, I just pushed a new update. This might just break everything and make it more fun! I lost my camp due to experiments with the homing missile sentry..
  • Bandwidth reduction through more clever enemy update scheme.
  • New homing missile sentry that can shoot over any near by wall. I discovered serious bugs just after releasing it. They have be be fixed, so it’s not available just yet… :(
  • Hardened wall has a new look.
  • Dark floor has a new look.
  • Floor pieces and rails dont shatter as easy (survives multiple blasts, but not a nuke)
  • Adjustments to wave spawn to avoid stuck enemies.
  • Harvesting generally brings less money.
  • Sentries more expensive, but mid level sentry is better.
  • Weapons increased in price.
  • Ranking score generated from weapons are now 1/2 of the price.
  • Robot pause when sustaining heavy damage has been reduced/removed.
  • Attack waves do no longer have a fixed time between, next one starts directly after the last wave.

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Jan 23 '12

Small/large update

Hi there!

DRUG CAMP is always progressing somehow, even though I’m pretty bad at updating here. Last week I was kinda sick and had problems focusing on work. Still managed to get most of the GUI for repair/upgrade option running. You will be able to upgrade sentries and stuff pretty soon, but introducing this was more work than I anticipated. So right now, no upgrade scheme is implemented, only the GUI.

The game activity has begun to reduce slightly recent days, but this was pretty much expected. It’s interesting to see that it kept high for this long really, without any email notification system implemented. You will eventually receive optional email notifications when resurrected, attacked or even when the plant harvest reaches some threshold.

Last week I also needed to do some backend stuff that were pretty complicated to test and fix. I think it runs as it should now though, so I will release it discreetly this week and see how it flies. It mainly enables enemy waves to keep running in a camp without any players left. Don’t worry, they wont attack your camp on own initiative, for now. It should also fix quite a few bugs you encounter when trying to coop-defend a camp with other players, or just jumping into a camp with another player already in it. I may use this mechanic to later on trigger scheduled and notified attacks on camps that are very low in activity, basically trying to jump start them.

I’m also very keen on implementing a sentry that fires homing missiles. They will add a new level of fun when trying to raid someones camp.

Along with upgrades for camp defenses, we will implement special damages soon. Think freeze shots and poison shots.

The enemy waves are lacking in variety as well, we need to try and get more enemies in there. We have one big ass beetle and a smaller robot to write up code for, but they are far from finished right now. Producing interesting behavior for them takes a little testing and fiddling (not to mention a whole lot of debugging).

On a final geeky note, the game passed 60 thousand lines of code yesterday. Here’s what it looks like when I assemble it (the majority of this game is written in a custom assembly language for a minimalist virtual machine I invented some time ago):

(debug build)
start assembling from src/main.b on 23 Jan, 09:13:03
output image rs/pb.image
merging ... 173ms io (105 files 1262 KB src 188 KB inact, 60.0 KLOC)
indexing & parsing 52518 entries ...
compute offsets ...
565 strings pooled (17783 bytes) @ offset 320966
48528 instructions (@382 Ki/s).
634272 bytes written to rs/pb.image (1ms io)
done in 0.47s
The resulting image compresses to way under 100k. It’s odd (and awesome) having all my work to just implode to a binary blob the size of a tiny web page.

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